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visa is a permission issued by an authorized state body for entry to the Russian Federation or a transit passage through the territory of the Russian Federation.

A visa contains the following information: the last name, the first name (in Russian and Latin letters), the date of birth, sex, citizenship (nationality), the passport number, the date of issue of the visa, the allowed tenure in the Russian Federation, the number of the invitation to the Russian Federation or the decision of a state body, the period of validity of the visa, the purpose of the trip, the name of the inviting organization (or person), type of visa.

The visa can be single-entry, double-entry, and multi-entry. A single-entry visa allows an alien to enter the Russian Federation once and leave the Russian Federation once.

The double-entry visa gives an alien the right enter and leave the Russian Federation twice.

The multi-entry visa gives an alien the right of repeated (more than twice) entry to the Russian Federation.

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Information about Russian Visa: Types of Russian Visas and Invitations

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